Sankofa School of Success is a free Innovation School providing a Transformative School Culture using Collective Responsibility led by Content Experts.

Jeffrey Johnson, Tihesha Henderson, Brandon Brown - Sankofa Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 2020


A collaborative school culture focused on student learning, character development and a commitment to renewing the local community through hope, healing and high-quality education.


We are creating an environment that is safe, nurturing and seeks to meet the students' academic, social and emotional needs through mastery learning, mindfulness and a rigorous education.

What is the Sankofa Model?


"Sankofa is a word from the Ghanaian language. It's also a mythical bird that represents looking back at your past and then taking that information to propel your future. The Sankofa Model is about taking all of the successful strategies from the past and coupling that with all we know about trauma and social-emotional learning and moving towards the future..."

- Tihesha Henderson, Head of School

When a school has a healthy culture, the professionals within it will seek the tools they need to accomplish their goal of universal student achievement; they will give a school new life by overcoming the staff division that halts transformation.

Transformational School Culture

It takes a village! Our teachers, staff, families, community partners and community leaders are all in this work to ensure that our children have support wrapping around them.

Collective Responsibility

Content Experts

We intentionally provide professional development opportunities daily, weekly and monthly for our team members to grow and become the best professional. Taking care of our staff is a large factor in moving the needle with our students and their academic growth.



5801 E 30th St.

Indianapolis, IN 46218

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